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The Carroll County Historical Society And Museum strives to preserve one of Carroll County, Virginia’s most historic landmarks where residents, visitors and history enthusiasts alike can visit and learn about its significance for generations to come.

The J. Sidna Allen Home

The J. Sidna Allen House is a historic house located near the town of Fancy Gap, in Carroll County, Virginia. The house was built in 1911 for Sidna Allen, brother of Floyd Allen; however, he was arrested soon thereafter for complicity in the courthouse shooting of which his brother was accused, and never again lived there.

On January 27, 1901, when Sidna Allen was 35 years old he got married to Bettie Mitchell. After Sidna and Bettie married, they decided to build a house. According to the book “The Courthouse Tragedy,” the whole house was made of the best wood around, and there were 8 rooms in the house. In the book it says, “The floors were of oak, except the floor of our living room, which was white maple.” The walls in the house were all plastered. It also says, “In the dining room we used quarter-sawed oak, finished in natural color wainscoting.” The roof of the house was made of slate, which back then, all this wood and other materials were very expensive. They had a windmill at the house, and an acetylene generator which is what provided them the lights. The house back in 1911 was worth 13,000.00 and was said to be the most beautiful house in South-West Virginia. But a year later the Hillsvile courthouse tragedy occurred and Sidna and his wife had only lived there a year.

The house was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. (Historic Resource | DHR | Carroll County)

Source: (Wikipedia)

Our Location

We are located in the 1873 historic Carroll County Courthouse, home of the infamous “1912 Courthouse Tragedy“, at 515 North Main Street in Hillsville, Virginia.

Notice* The The J. Sidna Allen Home is in need of a total restoration (Donations), and is currently closed to the public.

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